Teri Lee
Biographical information
Status: Alive
Occupation: Assistant
Other information
Gender: Female
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Brown
Series information
Portrayed By: Margaret Cho
Teri Lee

Teri is Jane Bingum's personal assistant at Harrison & Parker. She is snarky and sarcastic but has a good heart. She always gets the job done and doesn't put up with anybody's attitudes.

Early lifeEdit

Season 1Edit

she knows jane very well and helps deb (who is pretending she is jane) through what she thinks is amnesia by reminding her of details of her life...

Season 2Edit

s2 e4 she gets stopped for an open container (?) and arrested for "enough [parking tickets] to be arrested." her cousin edward is arrested for interfering with an officer, despite being polite. uhh jane defends him good but apparently he isnt a us citizen and is getting deported right now im watching him the polic are takking him ooooggghh he came as a tourist (?) visa as an infant and never left even though he has stuff like a social security, drivers, etc. teri is guifl.y.... she tolf him to do something when she was being arrested so......also his dad was a citien (died) stationed in korea , deied before he was bnorrne.

Season 3Edit


Jane BingumEdit

Teri is Jane's assistant. They have an excellent relationship, and Teri helps Jane with cases.

Grayson KentEdit


It is concluded the know eachother, but don't cross paths.

Jay ParkerEdit

While Teri and Parker's relationship is not thoroughly examined, during season 1, Parker tries to replace Teri because he doesn't like the way she dresses and sees her as unprofessional. While he was unsuccessful in his attempts, it is later revealed that Teri dresses the way she does to annoy butts.

Kim KaswellEdit

Teri dislikes Kim from the beginning of the series, as you see her call her a bitch in the first episode. But sometimes, Teri and Kim connect well. 

Stacy BarrettEdit

At first she disliked Stacy, telling her that H&P is not a resteraunt to fart when they were exercising with Jane.


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