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Season 6
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Original run
March 23rd, 2014 - June 22, 2014
Recurring cast
Jeffrey Pierce
Virginia Williams


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Season 6 of Drop Dead Diva premiered on March 23, 2014. It aired on Lifetime and consisted of 13 episodes. It is the final season.


Image Title Airdate Episode
  Truth & consequences.jpg Truth & Consequences March 23, 2014  01
Jane represents a lunch lady claiming the school board is refusing to feed poor children. Owen's wayward brother Charlie (Colin Egglesfield) drops by the office, claiming he was robbed at a strip club but the club is suing him for defamation after he complained on a website. Owen reluctantly helps, but learns there is more to the case than it seems. Stacy goes on a date with Charlie before realizing he's Owen's brother. Jane finally comes clean to tell Grayson she is really Deb.
Ddd soulmates.jpg Soulmates? March 23, 2014  02
A new attorney named Belinda is hired to take the place of Kim while she's on materinity leave. She and Grayson work together to represent a couple who suffered through a horrible sea cruise on a ship adrift for a week without power. While defending a man serving time for setting a fire that killed a store owner's wife, Jane clashes with the case's original judge: Owen. Grayson tells Jane he is ready to date her as herself, stating that as far as he's concerned, Deb is dead.
First date.jpg First Date March 30, 2014  03
Belinda and Jane defend rock star Liam Matthews (Rick Springfield), accused of wrecking a hotel room, and they manage to cut a deal for him. Bt when Liam's band fires him over his reckless behavior, Belinda and Jane find themselves at odds with each other. Grayson takes on a developer planning to tear down a rent-controlled apartment building and evict its tenants. Jane and Grayson prepare for their first date.
Life & death.jpg Life & Death April 6, 2014  04
Still reeling over knowing that Jane is Deb, Grayson is tense when they represent a friend of his who wants to bury his late wife in her backyard garden, while her parents insist on burying her in their family mausoleum. Kim meets a 12-year old foster child (David Mazouz) who wants to be adopted, and she and Owen discover much red tape while trying to find him a family. Teri helps Paul when his decision to buy a new car lands him in legal trouble.
Cheers & jeers.jpg Cheers & Jeers April 13, 2014 05
Jane represents a cheerleader who had a public meltdown after being bullied by her teammates, but Jane later finds out she might be getting played by the supposed victim. Owen and Grayson help a couple whose inability to pay the city government a $75,000 fee for removal of a speed bump the father had installed might cost them their home. When Paul gets into heavy credit card debt, Teri risks her job by posing as his lawyer. Jane worries about taking the next step with Grayson.
Desperate housewife.jpg Desperate Housewife April 27, 2014  06
Grayson and Jane are assigned a case of a seemingly mild-mannered woman whose lawsuit involves national security. Kim represents four children who were adopted by a couple just before a home makeover show gave them a free renovation, but kicked the children back into the foster system shortly after. Stacy becomes convinced her baby might be evil.
Sister act.jpg Sister Act May 4, 2014  07
Jane represents a girl who needs a bone marrow transplant. Jane looks forward to getting Teri out of jail until she's informed she has to fire her. Kim gets Stacy to babysit her infant. Owen represents a mayor who is being impeached for allowing homeless children to stay at City Hall, the woman driven to change her ways by a terminal cancer diagnosis but complications ensue. Jane blurts "I love you" to Grayson and is afraid of where to go after that.
Identity crisis.jpg Identity Crisis May 11, 2014  08
Jane wants to tell Grayson about Paul being her angel but is warned if she does, Paul will have to leave with no one but Jane remembering him. Grayson must defend a client who confessed to murder after a hard interrogation. Jane represents a transgender teen who wanted to use the boy's bathroom at his school. Stacy is concerned over Owen being too generous wanting to raise the twins.
  Hope and glory.jpg   Hope and Glory   May 18, 2014  09
Grayson confides in Stacy while in the hospital that he is going to propose to Jane after his near-death experience makes him re-evaluate his life. Jane represents a community who is getting sick from the hot pepper fumes coming from a nearby hot sauce factory, but after getting the factory shut down, things get complicated when it's discovered the hot pepper fumes were not the underlying cause of the sicknesses, landing Jane and the firm in legal trouble, and fighting against the state. When Kim's father is remarried, her mother complains he used their old wedding ring for his new bride.
No return.jpg   No Return   June 1, 2014 10
Jane deals with the death of Grayson as Kim presses Owen to hire a new lawyer. Kim represents a ventriloquist who had his frequent flyer miles revoked after his puppet is banned from flying. Jane represents a client of Grayson's in a defamation case that has her tackling some corrupt cops. Grayson meets Jane's old guardian angel Fred in Heaven, and pleads for his help to get him back to Jane.
Afterlife.jpg   Afterlife   June 8, 2014  11
Grayson is returned to Earth in the body of Ian Holt, a death row inmate who was executed for murder two minutes earlier. Jane must try to prove his innocence to save his life before he is executed once again the following day. Kim represents an inner-city dance troupe who claim a major pop star, Empress Katia, stole their dance routines. Stacy becomes concerned about Owen having anxiety attacks at the mere mention of their wedding, especially when one of the attacks lands him in the hospital.
Hero ddd.jpg   Hero June 15, 2014 12
Owen is upset about the romance of Jane and "Ian" while Grayson has trouble adjusting to his new life. Jane sues a football camp on behalf of a mother whose son died during training. Kim is saved from a mugging from a man dressed as a superhero and repays the favor by defending the man when the mugger sues him for assault and he is later fired. When Kim and Owen confront Jane over worries "Ian" is using her, Jane quits the firm.
[[File:|200px]] It Had To Be You   June 22, 2014  13