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Original run
June 3, 2012 - September 9, 2012
Recurring cast


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Drop Dead Diva Season 1 premiered on MONTH DAY, YEAR and concluded on MONTH DAY, YEAR. It aired on Lifetime and consisted of ## episodes.


Image Title Airdate Episode
4x1.jpg Welcome Back June 3, 2012 01
Jane and Owen's romantic trip to Italy is interrupted by Teri, who arrives to tell Jane that Kim wants her back with the firm to take on a lucrative murder case defending a law school classmate of the original Jane named Emily.
4x2.jpg Home June 10, 2012 02
Stacy tells Jane that she thinks Grayson knows Jane is Deb, because he figured it out himself. Luke then tells Jane that she must convince Grayson that he is wrong.
4x3.jpg Freak Show June 17, 2012 03
While suspecting Nikki's intentions towards Stacy's new business, Jane/Deb takes over a case of an elderly woman named Rita (Patty Duke) who was fired from her job after tackling a stealing customer; Kim takes the divorce case of Owen's sister Olivia (Emily Rutherfurd), who doesn't have good memories of Jane.
4x4.jpg Winning Ugly June 24, 2012 04
Jane handles the case of a man whose wife committed suicide after being rejected for a reality TV makeover show. The case pits her against a smooth lawyer and a blunt jury consultant whose criticism of Jane's style makes her believe it's Luke's plan to make her act less like Deb.
200px Happily Ever After July 1, 2012 05
Jane dives into international political waters -- and trouble -- after she agrees to represent a Bhutanese woman who is forced to marry a prince against her wishes, while a proposal awaits her from Owen that could have long-term implications for both Jane and Grayson.
4x6.jpg Rigged July 8, 2012 06
Jane and Grayson have a slippery situation on their hands when they take on a case involving the death of a engineer due to a faulty oil rig. But when they soon discover that a new hire at the firm, Liz (Jessica Leigh Smith), is leaking details to the company, Jane comes up with a greasy plot to expose the leaks.
4x7.jpg Crushed July 15, 2012 07
While Jane is recruited by her mother to defend a former babysitting charge accused of murdering a fellow teenager, Teri and Stacy discover the real reason why Owen left. Meanwhile Parker, with the help of Grayson, courts a potential new investor named Gina (Mädchen Amick) in a effort to bail the firm out of financial debt.
4x8.jpg Road Trip July 22, 2012 08
Jane/Deb gets the chance to find out more about Jane's past when Jane's old law school teacher invites her and Grayson to Stanford University for a lecture. But at the same time Jane is trying to come to terms about her feelings about Owen.
4x9.jpg Ashes to Ashes August 5, 2012 09
A grieving woman (Rosalie Ward) with an addiction to eating her late fiancee's ashes hires Jane and Grayson to defend her in a case over her bizarre fetish against her late ex's stepmother. Jane also deals with Owen's return, in which he reveals he has a failing heart condition and is therefore not sure about going through with the wedding, even though Jane thinks they should.
4x10.jpg Lady Parts August 12, 2012 10
Jane meets Deb's mother again, this time, defending her when sued by her dance student; Grayson and Kim join force to defend the decency of a sculpture. Abby Lee Miller and Maddie Ziegler guest star.
4x11.jpg Family Matters August 19, 2012 11
Jane represents the parent of a comatose girl; Teri and Luke try out a wedding menu.
4x12.jpg Picks & Pakes August 26, 2012 12
Jane accidentally gives Nancy Grace a black eye on live television; Stacy's business is in jeopardy as a previous business partner comes back.
200px Jane's Getting Married September 9, 2012 13
While defending a man whose wife refuses to do a surgery that can save his life, Grayson decides to finally express his feelings for Jane; Kim defends a singer; and Parker discovers something that she's been keeping from him.