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June 19,2011 - September 18, 2011
From Catwalk to Courtroom


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Drop Dead Diva Season 3 premiered on MONTH DAY, YEAR and concluded on MONTH DAY, YEAR. It aired on Lifetime and consisted of ## episodes.


Image Title Airdate Episode
3x1.jpg Hit and Run June 19, 2011 01
While she waits for Grayson to wake up from his coma, Jane is assigned a case about a pair of celebrities who were both charged with a hit-and-run involving a young 13-year old girl.
3x2.jpg False Alarm June 26, 2011 02
Grayson wants Jane's help planning his wedding with Vanessa. Kim's new case revolves around a model who died during surgery. Fred loses his virginity to Stacy.
3x3.jpg Dream Big July 10, 2011 03
Jane takes over the case of a woman who is reluctantly suing a sperm bank due to her resulting child being a "little person". Fred hires an actress to play his mother for a lunch with Stacy. Grayson helps a stripper with a legal matter, and later finds out that Vanessa's father will be presiding over the case.
3x4.jpg The Wedding July 17, 2011 04
Grayson and Vanessa's wedding doesn't go as well as planned. Jane finds the real reason why a gunman held her at gunpoint and reluctantly decides to represent him in court, but he goes against her legal advice. Meanwhile, Grayson's new case revolves around a "rogue camel milker".
3x5.jpg Prom July 24, 2011 05
Jane takes over the case of a teenager who was denied access to her prom due to her sexual orientation; a casting director attempts to get Fred into an energy drink commercial, which causes Stacy to become jealous.
200px Closure July 31, 2011 06
After being deputized as a DA, Jane/Deb meet one of Jane’s exes, a corrupt DA; Grayson represents Stacy on a lawsuit regarding her blog; Parker begins to suspect that Kim is dating, so he orders Teri to check it out.
3x7.jpg Mothers Day August 7, 2011 07
Jane's and Deb's mothers fight over Jane's attention on a separate legal matter; Kim advises Fred on how to improve his relationship with Stacy.
3x8.jpg He Said, She Said August 14, 2011 08
Jane and Grayson are at odds when she represents a college student who accuses a star football player from Grayson's alma mater of rape; Kim helps her sister Jenna in her divorce settlement; Jane finds herself in an awkward position when she advises Parker and Bobbi (Deb's mother) in their relationship.
3x9.jpg You Bet Your Life August 21, 2011 09
Jane helps Deb's former sorority house mother Kristin prove that the casino in which she lost all of her money has created an environment of intoxication; Kim and Parker represent a botanist who has cultivated a rare flower; Fred takes a down-and-out Grayson on a "guys night out".
3x10.jpg Toxic August 28, 2011 10
Jane puts her own job in jeopardy by taking a case against one of the firm's biggest clients. Meanwhile, Teri asks Kim to represent her against a motivational speaker that she has despised since childhood, Fred becomes jealous of Stacy's relationship with her TV co-star, Brian, and Grayson's new relationship is about to hit a roadblock thanks to Jane.
3x11.jpg Ah Men September 4, 2011 11
Parker is visited by an old flame, Elisa, who wants to sue her father's life insurance company after they refuse to pay out his policy. When Jane is asked to represent her, she learns what really happened after Parker's relationship with Elisa ended.
3x12.jpg Bride-a-Palooza September 18, 2011 12
Jane takes the case of a law student whose fiancé was trampled by other brides during an off-the-rails bridal gown super-sale. Meanwhile Kim and Grayson take a case involving a brother and sister over the control of a medieval restaurant.
3x13.jpg Change of Heart September 25, 2011 13
A respected judge requests Jane's help in the case of a man on death row who wants to donate his heart to his ill sister. Owen wants to take Jane with him on a year-long stay in New Zealand.