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Original run
July 12,2009 - October 11, 2009
"Life is funnier the second time around."
Recurring cast
Brooke D'Orsay
David Denman
Paula Abdul
Rosie O'Donnell
Sharon Lawrence
Jeff Rose
Natasha Henstridge


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Drop Dead Diva Season 2 premiered on June 6, 2010 and concluded on August 29, 2010. It aired on Lifetime and consisted of 13 episodes.


Image Title Airdate Episode
2x1.jpg Would I lie to You? June 6, 2010 01
Jane/Deb must deal with Jane's secret husband, while Kim testifies against her at her disbarment hearing.
2x2.jpg Back From the Dead June 13, 2010 02
Jane takes on a custody case where a man who suffers from amnesia and was declared dead suddenly returns after 9 years, willing to do anything to see his son
2x3.jpg The Long Road to Napa June 20, 2010 03
Jane's new case involving two women married to the same guy takes an interesting turn after she finds out that Tony is representing the cheating husband. While helping a friend with an adoption case, Kim believes that she might be pregnant with Grayson's child. Stacy makes an invention.
2x4.jpg Home and Away June 27, 2010 04
Jane and Tony's relationship is threatened by his new job in Washington. Jane helps Teri's cousin to remain in town, believing that it will be an easy case. However, there's something about Edward that neither Jane nor Teri know.
2x5.jpg Senti-Mental Journey July 11, 2010 05
When Jane's mother, Elaine, is arrested for her behavior, Jane learns a secret that her mother has been keeping from her for the past 15 years.
2x6.jpg Begin Again July 19, 2010 06
Jane and Grayson's new case involves two sisters who are being accused of killing their manager. While taking care of the case, Jane realizes that Grayson is falling for one of the sisters' lawyer, Vanessa (Jaime Ray Newman).
2x7.jpg A Mother's Secret July 25, 2010 07
When Deb's mother, Bobbi, asks Jane to help her by representing a family friend, Samantha, Jane discovers some secrets that Bobbie has kept hidden for a long time. Meanwhile, Kim and Grayson work together on a custody case over a pet chimp.
2x8.jpg Queen of Mean August 1, 2010 08
Jane represents fashion designer Ellie Tannen, who wants to stop the publication of a tell-all-book that was written by a former assistant. But Jane discovers that Ellie has an ulterior motive for hiring her.
2x9.jpg Last Year's Model August 8, 2010 09
Jane and Kim work together on a discrimination case after Jane brings the case to the firm. Parker reassigns first chair to Kim. Grayson takes on a case where his clients claim their house is haunted, while he also gets closer to Vanessa.
2x10.jpg Will & Grayson August 15, 2010 10
Jane attends a banquet honoring her services to the L.A.P.D., only for the night to be ruined when she is accused of stealing a woman's husband. Meanwhile, Grayson tries to find out why Vanessa's ex-fiancé Will's company is being undercut by another company. He also tries to find out if Will still has feelings for Vanessa.
2x11.jpg Good Grief August 22, 2010 11
Jane and Grayson represent a man dressed as a clown in order to cope with the loss of his wife, who died in a car accident. Parker and Kim represent a producer who is being sued by a participant of his realty dating show, which leads to Kim questioning her relationship with Parker. Meanwhile, Fred decides to tell Stacey that he is in love with her.
2x12.jpg Bad Girls August 29, 2010 12
Jane represents a young girl who is being cyber bullied by one of the popular girls at her school. Jane finds out something that takes the case on an interesting turn.
2x13.jpg Freeze the Day August 29, 2010 13
Claire Harrison tries to ease her way back into the firm, and partners with Kim on a case to ruin it, getting Kim kicked out of the firm. Fred gets jealous when he finds out that Stacy has booked a commercial where she has to pretend to be married and kiss her pretend husband.