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Paul is Jane's third guardian angel, preceeded by Luke and Fred. He first appeared in Back From the Dead (Season 5), and continues to appear throughout the season.


Paul is very naive about Earth and finds everything exciting. He is not around much at first, as he is off doing exciting and interesting things. Later, he is more frequently around, getting a job as an intern at Harrison and Parker, and moving in with Jane and Stacy. He can be very kind, and gets along with most people. He is also very easygoing.



Jane is originally not impressed with Paul and mostly ignores him. But as the season continues, she begins to warm up to him.


Paul has a good relationship with Stacy. Though at first, they don't interact much, now, since Paul is living with Stacy and Jane, they spend plenty of time together. Paul was the one who gave Stacy the idea of compiling a list of her top three donor choices out of her pool of exes and inviting them to a cocktail party to access who the best donor would be in Fool for Love.


Paul gets along pretty well with Kim. In Fool for Love, after Vanessa subtley boasts about her top-of-the-line new stroller, the "Bug-a-Boo," she asks him to get her the same stoller, but instead he accidently gets her a "Bub-a-Boo," which is a "Bug-a-Boo" knockoff. However, once Kim points out his mistake, he is very apologetic and gets her an actual "Bug-a-Boo" stroller. He also pretends to be her boyfriend to Vanessa because "she was trying to make [Kim] feel small."


Paul doesn't interact much with Grayson. However, they appear to get along just fine.