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Paige McBride is a famous singer who hired Kim Kaswell to represent her after she was charged with murder.

History Edit

Paige McBride was one of Kim's clients in "Jane's Getting Married". Paige is a famous female singer. Her ex boyfriend accused her of convincing a fan (played by Kelly Osbourne) to attack him by cutting his brakes. Paige was accused of convincing the fan by writing and singing a song about him cheating on her. With help from Stacy, Paige is proved to be innocent and is not charged or arrested. Kim and Stacey discover that the ex boyfriend's attack was not caused by the fan and it was actually caused by him. He reveals that he cut the brakes himself and accused Paige so that she would get arrested and he would get revenge on her for dumping him. He ends up getting arrested for accusing Paige.

Trivia Edit

.Paige is played by Chelsea Kane

.She has a lot of fans including Stacy

.She was cheated on by her ex boyfriend

.Paige is a singer and songwriter

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