One Shot
One shot
Episode No.


Season No.



October 20, 2013

Written By:

Wendy Engelberg
Jeffrey Lippman

Directed By:

Dwight Little

Main Cast:

Brooke Elliott as Jane Bingum/Deb Dobkins
April Bowlby as Stacy Barrett
Kate Levering as Kim Kaswell
Margaret Cho as Teri Lee
Jackson Hurst as Grayson Kent
Josh Stamberg as Jay Parker
Lex Medlin as Owen French
Ben Feldman as Fred
Justin Deeley as Paul
Carter MacIntyre as Luke Daniels

Preceded By:

"The Kiss"

Followed By:

"Guess Who's Coming?"

"One Shot" is the eleventh episode of the fifth season of the Lifetime series Drop Dead Diva. It premiered on October 20th, 2013.


Grayson has a new client, Marty Frumm (Richard Kind), who is getting married for the third time and wants a "love contract" put into his prenup. One of Jane's former clients named Becca (Alexandra Holden) approaches her about being in danger since she found cocaine hidden in a drawer at work. Jane brings her to a U.S. attorney's office, where they confirm that Becca's boss is working with a dangerous cartel that is likely to target her to prevent her from testifying. They want to put Becca into Witness Protection, but she refuses to do so until talking with her boyfriend Neal (Cory Hart). When Becca is shot while embracing Neal, the boyfriend becomes a suspect. But it turns out that Marty Frumm was a bogus client who was only in the offices to spy on Becca. Owen defends Ashley (Lindsay Pearce), a teenage television star being blackmailed by a photographer who snapped nude pictures of her through a hotel window. Meanwhile, the rift between Jane and Stacy over the latter dating Owen comes to a head.



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