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Noah Kaswell is the infant son of Kim Kaswell and Jay Parker. He was probably conceived sometime in Season 4. Kim was pregnant with him throughout early Season 5 and gave birth to him in 50 Shades of Grayson.

Appearance on Drop Dead Diva[]

Kim goes into labor during the hearing for her case in 50 Shades of Grayson. Despite this, she wants to continue with the procedings and make her closing arguments. However, she goes to the hospital to have Noah. She gives her closing arguments with the use of a webcam while still in labor and wins her case. Sometime after that, she gives birth to Noah. Within the first few hours of his life, Noah is given several teddy bears, all identical and from the hospital gift shop, from Grayson Kent, Jane Bingum, Owen French, and Mr. Tuttle. Noah made a video appearance in Life & Death and also appeared in Sister Act. He has also been mentioned a few times in other episodes.

Early Life[]

Noah is raised solely by Kim. She was on maternity leave until First Date, and after that Noah appears to be being watched by a woman named Rose while Kim is at work. Stacy has babysat for Noah. Kim first rejected her offer but then accepted after Stacey showed her knowledge of babysitting by telling her what to do if Noah were to swallow rat poison.