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Nikki LePree
Biographical information
Other information
Gender: Female
Hair color: Dark Brown
Eye color: Brown
Series information
Portrayed By: Kim Kardashian
Nikki is a con-artist who pretended to be Stacy's friend and business partner to scam money out of her.


Nikki is introduced on the first episode of Season 4, Welcome Back, as a relationsip guru that Stacy goes to for advice. Their phones are accidentally switched and, in the next episode, Home, she calls Stacy and informs her about the switch.

When she arrives at Stacy's house to get her phone back, she finds Stacy is baking a cake and when Stacy takes it out of the oven, they both see that the recipe had not been right because the pages of the cookbook Stacy was using were stuck together so instead of a cake, Stacy had made a half-pie, half-cake. Nikki is intrigued and both she and Stacy taste the pie-cake, which Stacy names a "pake." Nikki tells Stacy that they should sell the pakes and get investors,and Stacy agrees and asks Jane for an investment. However, after Jane asks to see a business plan first. Nikki gets angry and Tells Stacy that friends don't ask friends to see a business plan and leaves.

Later, in Freak Show, Nikki convinces Stacy to invest her savings into starting a "Pakery," and says she would put up the same amount herself. But then Grayson discovers that Nikki is a con-artist who fled from two other states and tells Jane, who confronts Nikki. When Jane tries to tell Stacy, however, Stacy angrily tells her that Nikki had fled her other homes in a rush because she was running from an abusive boyfriend. She is also upset with Jane for not beliving in the "Pakery." Stacy makes up with Jane after Nikki, who really is a con-artist, flees town after cashing in Stacy's check and leaving her penniless.

In Picks & Pakes, Nikki is finally caught after using Stacy's identity, which is traced back to several unpaid traffic tickets. Picks & Pakes is the last episode Nikki is seen on.

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