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Nicole is Owen French's assistant, and one of Grayson Kent's love interests.

Appearance on Drop Dead Diva[]

Nicole first appears in Secret Lives. She helps Kim Kaswell with her case, and together they learn that Kim's client Molly's ex won money gambling while they were still married, and hid it during the divorce proceedings. Later, she helps Kim out again. She and Grayson flirt casually throughout the episode, but Nicole doesn't want a relationship. However, at the end of the episode, the two begin to make out.

In Miss Congeniality, it appears as though Grayson and Nicole spent the night together. Nicole asks Grayson to give her a fifteen-minute headstart to the office, revealing that their relationship is a secret. Nicole appears on several occasions throughout the episode to notify Kim of appointments, etc.

At the end of the episode, Kim asks Grayson if his relationship with Nicole was serious, because if it wasn't, it would probably be best for them to part ways, for the good of the law firm. Grayson tells Kim he'll take care of it and asks Nicole to speak with him outside. He says that he knows that what they've been doing was a fling, but he wasn't the type of guy who had flings. He then asks her out on a date. Nicole agrees and jokingly tells him that she doesn't sleep with guys on the first date.

In 50 Shades of Grayson, while looking at Kim's newborn son, Grayson tells Nicole he wants a big family and asks her if she wants children as well. Nicole answers that she does want children, but with the right person and Grayson kisses her.

In One Shot, Nicole and Grayson leave for a romantic getaway in Santa Barbara but before they even get there, Grayson breaks up with Nicole because he doesn't feel like she's the one for him. In the following episode, Nicole is upset and distracted at work but later admits to Jane that she wasn't sure their relationship would work anyway because it always seemed like Grayson was trying to be the perfect boyfriend, but he just couldn't be who she wanted, almost like he was in love with someone else.

Nicole is then ready to move on and gets a job as a courthouse clerk on Jane's recommendation.