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Molly Hagen (formerly Randal) is Kim Kaswell's friend and client.

Appearance on Drop Dead DivaEdit

Molly and Kim are talking, and Molly mentions that she continues to have to pay her deadbeat ex-husband alimony since he's currently unemployed. Kim finds this ridiculous and gets Molly to file a suit to stop her alimony payments.

Kim, with the help of Owen's assistant Nicole, finds out that Molly's ex won 100,000$ at a casino while he and Molly were still married, but never disclosed it during the divorce proceedings, meaning that he hid assets. After the judge learns this, she stops the alimony payments, and orders Molly's ex to pay Molly the 100,000$. Unfortunately, he doesn't have any of it left, and worse, it turns out that since the money was declared a marital asset, Molly now owes 40,000$ in back taxes, and after paying off the taxes, might lose her physical therapy business.

Luckily, Kim, with Nicole's help, learns that the ex had used Molly's 100,000$ to gamble and orders the casino to pay the money to Molly. She says that since the casino opens account pending credit checks, they should have known that the ex didn't have permission to use the check. The casino pays Molly the 100,000$.

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