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Luis Vega is an attorney passionate about overturning an "impersonating an American citizen" statute. He asks out Jane Bingum and kisses her, possibly to persuade her to make him second-chair on her case, which she does for a short while. After grandstanding during court, he is fired.

Appearance on Drop Dead DivaEdit

Luis meets Jane at the San Diego courthouse where her client's trial is being held. He makes small talk with her. Later he appears again, bringing Jane and Teri lunch, and starting a conversation about the case. Luis gives Jane advice on her case, and on winning over the judge presiding. He also allows one of his cases, to be heard the next morning, to be adjourned so Jane's client, Robert, might still have a chance to get married as planned. He later asks Jane out to dinner.

During the dinner date, which appears to be going well, Jane and Luis again begin to discuss Jane's case, with Luis offering more advice, and offering to be Jane's unofficial second chair. Jane accepts his offer. He changes the subject, and mentions that Long Beach - where he mainly works - isn't that far from L.A. Jane says she's not really up for dating, which leads Luis to ask if she's seeing anyone. When Jane tells him she's not, he kisses her.

Jane is flustered by the kiss, and says she has to go. Luis apologizes, but they still part awkwardly for the night.

The next morning in court, Luis apologizes again to Jane, saying he must have misinterpreted the situation, and Jane accepts his apology. In court, Luis passionately says that the statute was being used as a weapon against law-abiding residents, and that the AUSA was targeting certain groups because of an anti-immigration agenda.

Jane is horrified, and tries to get Luis to stop, but he doesn't, and opposing council says they want Robert to have a lifetime ban from the United States. Jane calls for a recess, and angrily confronts Luis, but he is only concerned with overturning the statute, and says that Robert's case would be perfect at getting the statute appealed. Jane tells him to stay away from her and her case.

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