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Judge Ada Brown is a judge introduced in the fifth season. She presides over Kim Kaswell's alimony case in the Drop Dead Diva episode Secret Lives.

Appearance on Drop Dead DivaEdit

Judge Ada Brown presides over Kim Kaswell and her client Molly's alimony case against Molly's ex-husband. Molly continues to have to pay alimony to her ex because he's unemployed, and so she and Kim filed a suit to stop it. Kim presents evidence that Molly's ex had won $100,000 in a casino while he was still married to Molly, but never disclosed it during the divorce proceedings, which prompts Judge Brown to rule in Molly's favor. She rules that Molly no longer has to pay alimony, and also that Molly's ex has to give her the $100,000 he won. However, he says that he'd already used the money to take a tropical vacation so none of it was left. Later, it turns out, he had earned  twice that amount. Due to a technicallity, Kim is able to show that the casino failed to run a proper background check and is forced to pay Molly.

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