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Jay Parker
Biographical information
Full name: Jay Parker
Birthplace: g
Status: Alive
Age: 5000000
Occupation: Lawyer
Other information
Nickname: Parker
Gender: Male
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown
Significant Other/s: Kim Kaswell
Series information
Portrayed By: Josh Stamberg

Parker is Jane's boss and one of the owners of the law firm Harrison & Parker. He was a main character up until Season 5.

Early life[]

Season 2[]

Season 3[]

After Kim tells Parker she's pregnant, he leaves, apparently to go to Canada and be with Elisa and Eric. He has not been present in any further episodes, however in the midseason finale for the season, he sends an accountant to check out the firm after deciding to sell it.


Jane Bingum[]

He is Jane Bingum's boss, of whom Jane took a bullet for in the pilot episode.

Grayson Kent[]


Kim Kasswell[]

Kim and Parker shared a professional relationship up until Season 2. They then maintained an on-again, off-again romantic relationship, complicated with the arrival of Claire Harrison and later, Elisa Shayne and Eric, Eric being Parker's son. In the Season 4 finale, Kim reveals to Parker she's pregnant with his child, and he promises to be there for her. However, when Season 5 begins, he has left to travel to Canada and be with Elisa and Eric. This severs his relationship with Kim. She is further appalled when she learns he plans on selling the firm in the Season 5 midseason finale. Also during the finale, Kim gives birth to a baby boy, Noah

Stacey Barrett[]

Elisa Shayne[]

He had an affair with Elisa, resulting in her becoming pregnant. She didn't tell him about the pregnancy and birth of their son, Eric, until he was 7 years old and began asking questions about his father. Before she told him, she hired Jane to represent her in a lawsuit against her father's insurance company and refused to pay out his policy, and also worked for a short time as a temp for Harrison & Parker. Elisa is not thrilled with Parker becoming a prominent person in Eric's life, but allows him visits until she recieves a job opportunity in Canada and decides to take it, bringing Eric with her. This leads to Parker suing for custody of Eric, with upsets Elisa. After Parker has an angry outburst during the custody proceedings, Elisa recieves custody and says that while she won't keep Eric from him, she doesn't want anything else to do with him. It appears as if she might have changed her mind in Season 5 however, since Parker moves to Canada to be with his son and Elisa.


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