Grayson's Anatomy
Main Cast:

Brooke Elliott as Jane Bingum/Deb Dobkins
April Bowlby as Stacy Barrett
Kate Levering as Kim Kaswell
Margaret Cho as Teri Lee
Jackson Hurst as Grayson Kent
Josh Stamberg as Jay Parker
Lex Medlin as Owen French
Ben Feldman as Fred
Justin Deeley as Paul
Carter MacIntyre as Luke Daniels


Grayson's Anatomy is the thirteenth episode of the first season of the Lifetime series Drop Dead DivaIt first aired on October 11, 2009. It is also the final episode of Season 1.


"I Like You Baby" by Oh Darling
"Piece of Mind" by Castaneda
"Don't Wait" by Dri
"If You Wanna Go" by Joy Williams
"Definition" by Alex Mills


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