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Back From the Dead

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Jane's Secret Revealed

Brittney, played by Natalie Hall, is a recently deceased blonde model of whom the true spirit of Jane Bingum inhibits. 

Season 5Edit

Before Janes old guardian angel Luke said goodbye to her, he told her that the soul of the real Jane Bingum returned to earth. She is enormous angry about Deb in her body and is about to find her. Her first appearance is showing up at Stacy's doorstep in the body of the ex dessous model named Brittney she intends to reclaiming her old life back.

Even though the soul of Jane Bingum is enormous angry about Deb, she first wants to solve a murder case that she was working on before she was getting shot. For solving this case the two work together. During their teamwork Janes soul gets less angry about Deb and finally stays away (at the request of her first guardian angel) of Debs soul.

Brittney appears again in the finale. She discovers that her mother Elaine Bingum has died from a brain tumor and is upset that Jane did not tell her she was sick. She then tells Grayson that Jane is not who she says she is. 

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