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Bobbi Dobkins was Deb's mother.

Bobbi lives in Pasadena.

She and Deb's father divorced after Deb died.  This led Jane to believe they divorced because of her death, but it turns out they'd been having problems for a long time. 

Jane first interacts with Bobbi when Bobbi comes to the firm looking for Grayson. She wanted to hire him as her lawyer, but since Grayson was already representing Deb's father he couldn't accept the job. Jane volunteers to be Bobbi's lawyer. Jane originally thought the divorce was because of Deb's death, but during a disagreement with Grayson, he reveals that the couple had been having issues for a while.

During a meeting, Bobbi and Jane are discussing marital assests. Jane asks about a jeep, but Bobbi realizes that she'd never mentioned the jeep. Jane plays it off, and Bobbi doesn't question in furthur. In the same meeting, Bobbi asks if Jane ever met her daughter. Jane says no, but that she's heard Deb was terrific.

Bobbi talks about Deb, and how she used to do pageants. Bobbi used to drive Deb to all the competitions. Deb used to tell Bobbi, "you need to do something for yourself." Bobbi was reminded of this because Jane said the same thing to her as her lawyer.

Bobbi was seeing a man named Richard during her marriage. She knew him for six years. The marriage had been over since Deb was in highschool, but they stayed together for Deb. Deb's parents didn't want to ruin Deb's image of the perfect family, but the lie had been eating Bobbi up at night.

Jane quits as Bobbi's lawyer because it's too painful for her.

Bobbi and Joe Dopkins decide to settle 50/50 and don't have to go to court to fight for anything. At the end of The Chinese Wall, Bobbi is a newly divorced woman.

Bobbi Dopkins first appearance is season 1 episode 4: The Chinese Wall.